Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting my feet a little wetter...or: Won't You Be My Blogging Neighbor?

This morning I took a few moments to read through some of the "how-to" information on to see how I could enhance my blogging experience -- with all of 14 days under my belt! I didn't do much research before embarking on this new venture. I have to say that this site could be aptly nicknamed Blogging for Dummies - even I have been able to figure most of it out by myself, amazingly! So part of what I learned was that I should move my list of followers up higher on the sidebar so that it's one of the first things readers will see, and also that I should beg shamelessly for my readers to sign up to follow my blog. Hmmmm....I tried the first suggestion and hated the way it looked. I like my layout the way it is, which is not surprising, considering I've rearranged my living room furniture ONCE in ten years. So now I'm on to the shamelessly begging part: Please, oh please, OH PLEASE PLEASE follow my blog!

That did not feel right either.

The way I see it, if someone is interested in my musings, he/she will be back. If not, no amount of begging is going to make someone I probably have never met boost my writer's ego ;-). To be truthful, this is an outlet that is satisfying to me even if my words sit here all by themselves, with only their author for company. It IS fun to interact with the rest of the blogging world, I admit. So if you are so inclined, feel free to follow! I am just getting the hang of following myself, but I am learning, and I just may follow you back. For sure, leave your comments; I love getting them. And that is all I have to say about that! ;-)


  1. I sometimes get depressed about how few followers I have, but ONLY when I compare myself to others. My daughter really gave me a talking to. She said she cannot believe I have ANY followers, b/c there is just SO much on the Internet.
    I feel funny asking people to follow me too. I've even gotten personal emails from people asking me to follow them... weird.
    So many bloggers have businesses on the side. They are blogging partly b/c they like it, but partly b/c they are trying to make money. Nothing wrong with that, but neither you nor I have a product to sell.

    Anyway... just keep it up. I enjoy your blog a lot, even if I only stop by every 2 or 3 days, rest assured I'm reading!

  2. Teri, you are so sweet! I was really just sharing my goofy thoughts about what I was reading today...totally content, readers or no readers! But I'm glad you're here, long lost buddy ;-) I think I much prefer stalking everyone else's blogs as compared to blabbing on here myself!

  3. Teri, now that I reread my post, I'm laughing!! When I wrote this post it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek -- I thought the ideas on blogspot to seduce people to follow were kind of funny. I see where I came across as bummed, but honestly, I'm not! Maybe when I feel a bit more accomplished or in a groove I will hope for a big readership, but I definitely need some practice first. I love how you are encouraging me, though, sweet friend!

  4. Hi Kelly! I saw your post on the ZIN board and I thought I would stop by your place here and say hello! :-D

    My blog is!

  5. Hey Jenni, thanks for coming by, you are welcome anytime :-) I visited your blog but was running out the door -- I will be going back when I have some time to browse. Nice to meet you!


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