Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It was a surprise gone slightly awry since I wasn't home for it -- nevertheless! -- how exciting that our youngest made it home for Thanksgiving a whole day early! I was getting the last of my holiday groceries when he called to ask, "Where are you?" You know that weird in-limbo feeling you get when the gears are turning but it feels like they're in molasses? I got that as I asked him the same question. When he said, "At home", I knew he meant home home, not college apartment home. Of course, the happy homecoming with hugs all around and a some good dinner conversation was about the extent of it before the revolving front door went into full operation. He's here....he's gone....now he's here again with a friend in tow....now they're off to another friend's house....and so it begins! I'm so glad that I was already planning a two-hour vigil in front of the TV for the Dancing With The Stars finale so he didn't have to feel guilty about ditching us for his buddies! ;-)
These are the holidays, college student style. We're off to a good start!

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