Friday, November 27, 2009

Which are you?

I woke up grinning this morning, thinking of all those bleary-eyed treasure hunters who, since WAY before the crack of dawn, are madly pursuing their prized Black Friday deals, following their mapped-out strategies to the "T" and gleefully marking each bargain off their lists...while I snuggled in for another hour or two of blissful sleep in my warm, comfy bed. Don't get me wrong, I laugh with them, not AT them, feeling their accomplishment -- even enjoying hearing about the adventure from those friends of mine who join the chaotic masses -- but I've never, EVER traded a quiet, delicious morning of waking up slowly in a peaceful house the day after the Thanksgiving hustle-bustle for one standing outside shivering (or sweating, whichever the case may be), waiting for access to shop till I drop. It's just not my style. I like to save a buck as much as anyone, but I prefer to lose my sanity a little later in the season with the other procrastinators! The fact is, my little ones are now adults and although they are good at providing lists from which to choose a Christmas gift, they don't compose them until some time after the Thanksgiving break. So even if I craved the Black Friday experience, I'd have to do so blindly, guessing at what my family would like to have for Christmas, and THEN I'd end up having to take it all back for an exchange when the lists came rolling in. Not gonna happen! So as I sip my coffee this morning, this time with a dollop of whipped cream left over from yesterday's desserts, I smile and think of those who are braving the crowds and hopefully boosting our economy at the same time. Happy Shopping! Feel free to share your best buys with me and I promise to share in your joy! :-)

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  1. I have only done one Black Friday a few years ago... it was fun, b/c Scott and I did it together, but we decided it's just not for us.

    My new thing is online shopping. Last year, I bought all my out of town gifts on, and had it shipped free. It was bliss, and everyone enjoyed their gifts. I plan to do the same thing this year, but already missed Cyber Monday... oh well.



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