Friday, November 20, 2009

(Guilty) Pleasures

Normally I chastise myself for getting sidetracked from the ever-important to-do list, especially when it's something basically non-productive that's sucking me in. Not today. For some reason, my finger-wagging, frowning inner taskmaster is surprisingly absent. Or maybe I'm just experiencing some success at totally blocking her out for a change. At any rate, today, so far, has been a day of guilty pleasures, minus the guilt. The rainclouds obscuring the sun allowed me to slumber much later than usual without the beaming wake-up call I'm accustomed to. The weather somehow makes it seem that the world is taking a it's okay for me to dally at the computer, sit and ponder everything and nothing, fix myself a delicious (and healthy) batch of protein pancakes, have that second cup of coffee, and half-listen to a bunch of gabby women on TV solving the problems of the world as I dally some more, still in my pj's. All without shame. This is a phenomenon that doesn't happen often, so I felt it blog-worthy. Yay for days off work and rainy mornings!


  1. The older I get, the more days like this I have, guilt free! So when you reach MY age, it just gets better. If memory serves, I'm older than you! After all, I'm a grandmother!


  2. LOL Teri! I am not so sure about that. I think I'm the eldest, though grandchild-less at this point! We may never know if we don't confess! Hahaha!


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