Monday, November 9, 2009

If you give a pig a granola bar....

I'm pretty sure that when I chunked a Kashi "Tasty Little Chewy" in my purse a week or two ago, I never dreamed I'd use it to catch a runaway baby pot-bellied pig loose in the worship center after pageant practice. But this was one clever little runt and he managed to evade a handful of adults and one child for quite some time. His "mama" lamented that if only she'd brought his food....and...well...voila! Never underestimate the power of being prepared to nibble at all times. I have to back up a little and say that Lindsay (my friend and blogging tutor) and I have become quite attached to the little oinker, and as of tonight, he returned our affections, much to our delight, as he stepped out of his kennel of his own accord (well, okay, we may have coerced him a little with his blankie, but it WAS of his own free will) to nuzzle our pant legs and chew on our fingers. That was when Lindsay and I decided to see just how attached he is to us by walking away from him and seeing if he would follow. He followed all right, but soon decided to enjoy his newfound freedom, and the mad church pig chase was on. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time and I realize now that THAT should have been the subject of my video! I know...I day he'll be a big ol fat snotty snouted, drooly side of bacon, but right now he is the cutest little thing!  See for yourself!


  1. I keep hearing about pageant practice... what kind of pageant has a pig in it?


  2. Our pageant has anything and everything in it! Our church even owns a camel who comes in every year with the wise men. Our church does a Christmas pageant every year as our gift to our community. It's a big production with a different secular theme every year (lots of singing, dancing, etc) which leads into the telling of the life of Christ, all the way to resurrection and ascension. It goes on for a full week with 12 performances. This is my 19th year to participate (we moved here in 1992) and its been a huge part of our family's Christmas each year. Johnny's in it too, and our children grew up "doing pageant". We love it!


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