Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pageant Pig Update

Imagine my surprise last night when, at the first combined adult/kid, full run-through pageant rehearsal, I looked up to see little Applewood Smoked Bacon (have I mentioned his name before? It's Apple, for short) peacefully nestled in the arms of a young fella right up on stage with about a hundred other kids! The key word here is PEACEFULLY. Not squealing at a decibel level sure to cause permanent hearing damage. Not frantically wriggling with determination to gain his freedom. Just lying there calmly like he knew he was on display, the only detectable movement in his little piglet tail, wagging away as if he was a contented puppy. A contented puppy who has doubled in size since I last laid eyes on him two weeks ago! I haven't had the opportunity to ask his "mama" how this transformation has occurred (the change in his temperament, not the enormous growth spurt - that I can figure out on my own), but rest assured, I will. For now, I will just remain the proud bystander who played a miniscule part in this rising star's acclimation to humanity. Look out, Babe. Your competition is gaining on you!

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