Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's funny the wide variety of life stages there are amongst our friends who are our age. I have friends who have been grandparents for some time now, some who are having fun with late-in-life blessings, and some who are now traversing life in two stages at once. My husband and I happen to fall into the category of empty-nesters since our children have flown the coop and are away at college. Our oldest will soon finish up his masters degree, so he and his wife will likely be pulling up roots and landing somewhere new for him to settle into his career as a civil engineer. Grandparenthood may not be too far down the road for us, but I am totally content enjoying where we are today. I have one friend who amazes me with her intense desire for a grandchild as she's still bringing up the caboose of her four children -- somehow the blending of two roles in that way seems foreign to me, probably because it hasn't been in my experience of family. Whenever that stage presents itself, I'm sure I will be obnoxiously enthusiastic to anyone who will sit still long enough to hear all about it! But I've spent so many phases of life looking ahead to the next, all the while trying to talk myself into savoring the one I'm in, knowing that once it's gone, it's gone -- so I'm purposing to taste empty-nesterhood like I'd taste a fine wine or an exquisite smooth, dark chocolate. No guzzling or gulping. Just taking my time and living in the moment. They (whoever "they" are) say women turn introspective and more intuitive as they walk into and through the years of midlife. I think "they" are right. There's more time to think; there's less need to be in a rush, always moving forward, always thinking one step ahead. We tend to hear a lot about the negatives of growing older. Maybe slowing down a little scares us that we could be at the beginning of a rapid downhill slide! But pacing ourselves a little, just enough to take life a day at a time, even a season at a time, sounds pretty positive to me. As someone who's always been in somewhat of a hurry, I'm grateful to live in the moment as often as I can manage it! And even's totally a God thing. I'm asking Him to walk me through each day, each season, seeing life with His eyes. Sometimes I actually step aside enough to allow Him to show me. How about you? I'd love to hear your perspective on the stage of life where you find yourself today. Wishing you joy in the journey...

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