Monday, February 1, 2010

True love

I was blindsided last week by a particularly nasty intestinal ailment, the likes of which I've not experienced in years. Amazing how quickly life comes to a screeching halt when one of these inconsiderate viruses comes knocking (or pounding, I should say). Blogging was the farthest thing from my mind, I can assure you, but now that I'm on the mend, I'd like to publicly thank my dear, sweet husband for going above and beyond the call of duty, and for demonstrating what it means to love in sickness as well as in health.

Dear Johnny,

Thank you for maintaining your patience while I interrupted you multiple times for things which seemed urgent at the moment. For consistently warming my "bed buddy" in the microwave so I could get some momentary relief from the cramps of the doubling-over variety, for the five or six trips to the store you made to pick up something else I thought of that might help, for providing crackers and Sprite at regular intervals, for just being there to share in my misery: Thank you. You are my Florence Nightingale in Shining Armor!

Love you always,


  1. Johnny looks the same as he did years ago. Does he remember Scott and I??? Tell him we said hello.

    Glad you are better friend!

  2. I will be sure and let him know you said so! He is aging well. :-) Sure, he remembers the two of you! He knows we've been back in contact and thinks it's great.

    Thanks for your "well" wishes. So far, so good today....


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