Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Will Zumba 4 Food: Road Trip!

A few weeks ago, I piled into a van with four other Zumba instructors bound for Austin for a fundraiser master class with one of the Zumba Education Specialists, Tony Witt, from Kansas City. Austin's community food bank was the beneficiary and the event was called Zumba 4 Food. I was excited to attend because although I hear a lot about events such as this on the east coast from my friends out there who teach Zumba Fitness classes, it is an idea that is just catching on here in our state.

Maybe I should back up a little in case you are wondering what on earth I am talking about.

Zumba Fitness is an aerobics dance fitness class based on Latin and international rhythms and music. I was hooked from the get-go (and my first class needs to be a subject for another post!) – it is so much fun and takes the drudgery out of exercise. Zumba Fitness turns a workout into a party. It’s a highly effective calorie-burning hour based on the principles of interval training, mixing faster rhythms with slower ones for a variety of styles and fitness elements. You don’t need a partner and you don’t have to be a dancer to participate in a Zumba class. The steps are basic and repetitive so that anyone can learn them. A good instructor will demonstrate modifications for both the beginner and the seasoned participant, and will cue you and guide you along to having the most fun you’ve ever had attaining your fitness goals. You can’t fret or stress over the details of life during a Zumba session. It is completely therapeutic mentally and physically. If you enjoy music, dancing, and working up a sweat having fun, I highly recommend you give it a try! Keep in mind that each instructor lends his or her own flavor and personality to the class. If you try one and it doesn’t suit you just right, try another one. There’s a class out there for you!

I was inspired to become group exercise certified through my first experiences with leading Zumba classes in 2007, so I took on the project of preparing for my American Aerobics and Fitness Association exams in 2008. Since all this began, I’ve taught on my own out of rented dance studio space, in gyms, and in my church as a ministry to women. I’ve had some health issues along the way in which I had to take a break from teaching, but the Lord has had me well and having a blast with my beloved “Church Lady” Zumba class, endorsed by the women’s ministry of my church, going on almost a year now. It’s one of the highlights of my week, twice a week. I get the added bonus of getting to know my ladies, sharing an encouragement from scripture, and praying over their concerns with them. How awesome is that?

Okay now…where was I?

We had a great time with Tony and about sixty Zumba enthusiasts and instructors dancing for food. The five of us, plus one we had met up with from Wimberley, were then invited to join the Austin instructors and Tony for dinner at the Steiner Ranch Steak House. Fun! I had the most delicious baked shrimp scampi.

The view from the top of the hill overlooking Lake Travis was gorgeous, complete with the backdrop of a beautiful Texas sunset. It was a cool night so we ate inside, but here we are after dinner outside on the patio enjoying the live music and the fire pit.

The road trip itself was a blast, comparing notes and talking over choreographies and music and stories from our classes. Love Zumba, love laughing with my instructor friends, and love the Steiner Ranch Steak House!


  1. How fun!!! And that shrimp looks so yummy!!!

  2. Just saw a Zumba commercial last night. It looks SO fun, but SO hard. I admire you. I bet you are in the best shape you've ever been in in your life.
    I just hit my goal weight... but still got some flab... I'm sure Zumba would take care of that for me!

  3. Best shape of my life? Hmmm. That was probably before kids, but thanks. LOL And you, my dear, look mahvelous as always!

    No, no, not hard! Fun! Don't knock it till you've tried it. I know offhand of two instructors right there in your town who would love to show you the ropes! :-)


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