Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is it too late to do a Super Bowl post?

I hope not, because I've still got a Valentine's party blog to write! How did I get so behind? (Glad to have a few posts to catch up on since my camera bit the dust and I am in photographic gridlock!)

I confess, I’m a Super Bowl poser. I do not care one whit about football. I do, however, enjoy the hype that surrounds the Super Bowl, if by hype we are talking about the food, the friends, and the commercials. This year we had a big party for the church youth in our new youth space (wonder when it ceases to be the “new” youth space?), complete with two huge screens (three if you count the one in the game room), a couple of ping pong tables, a pool table, an air hockey table, and a host of seating arrangements for people who’d rather play games and chat than watch the game.

No, Stephanie and I did not, in fact, plan to wear our matching shirts, but here we are in all our coordinated glory!

Kirby and Joni worked their culinary magic once again, with some help from Chris and Cynthia; this time they fed us an enormous number of garlic parmesan and hot chicken wings. They were so, so good, and I was so, so miserable from eating a few too many!

I was happy for the Saints and the many people who are die-hard Saints fans. I thought about my friend in Alabama who was no doubt dancing in the streets singing “Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?” for days. But mostly I thought about how cool it is that we human beings, especially we of the Baptist persuasion, can always manage to turn anything at all into a social event revolving around relationships, games, and food!

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  1. For some reason, when you mentioned human beings, turning anything into an event or whatever... it reminded me of the day the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out. I remember standing in a long line for tickets, getting our popcorn and cokes, and waiting in another long line to be let into the theater. It was quite fun talking to the other people in line about what we thought the movie would be like...
    We sat at the top of the large theater, with stadium seating, so I had full view of everyone. As the first few moments of the movie opened up, I happened to glance around the room. Everyone was FROZEN, completely silent, gaping at the screen. It was SO FUNNY. I laughed to myself how so much hype goes into us being entertained, and I was there, one of the masses, just as excited...

    and no, it didn't disappoint...

    and I feel the same way you do... Super Bowl... snore! But hey, let's eat!


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