Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to Me!

I love a reason to celebrate romance as much as the next woman, but to be honest, Valentine’s Day isn’t usually a holiday when we, as a couple, go all out. A nice dinner out or a movie together, a card, maybe some chocolates or flowers…maybe…is usually about the extent of it. When the kids were little we made it more of a big deal – an excuse to decorate, have a party, and make fun cards for the grandparents. I remember baking cookies with the boys and then dragging them around with me to deliver them to various people, all in the name of sharing love and surprises. It was fun! Sometimes, though, I think we get caught up in declaring our gratitude and love for each other that one day every year rather than making it a part of our lives all year round. Isn’t it even sweeter to receive an “I love you” surprise on a hot July day when the whole rest of the world isn’t doing the exact same thing on the exact same day with their loved ones? Not knocking February 14…just saying that one a year is just not enough! Don’t save it all for Valentine’s Day.

My sister and I usually remember each other on Valentine’s Day with a little something. We’ve been through a lot together over the past ten years with each of our parents succumbing to illness and then their eventual passing. We’ve always been close, but through those experiences we’ve come to appreciate each other more and more. Lately, we’ve been going through some old photos that have been passed down to us – photos that tell the story of our parents’ lives as young people, of our grandparents’ younger years, and of the short time when my sister and I lived under the same roof. I was what you might call a caboose – a surprise baby later in life, whose reason for existence lies solely in the prayers of a girl who really wanted a baby sister! Leafy was a teenager when I was born, so I have only really vague recollection of the time we lived together before she married when I was four years old. Most of what I know is from pictures and the stories that ago along with them. One particular photo is a favorite of ours and the original was showing signs of wear and tear, so Leafy planned to see about having it restored and getting some copies made. I hadn’t thought about it since the day she took it home with her, along with some others that we wanted to share. But this is what she gave me this year for Valentine’s Day, wrapped up in a red ribbon and with a sweet card.

This is me and my sissy, lickin’ beaters. Am I a blessed little sister, or what?

Here we are another time we had our picture made, this time separately, but at a studio together. We had celebrated one of Leafy’s special birthdays with a big surprise party, and my gift to her (and to me!) was a trip out of town together to shop and have our “glamour shots” done.

Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s even more beautiful on the inside.

I love you, Sister, and thank you so much for my very special valentine! I cherish it now and always, as I cherish you!


  1. This is SO sweet. Lexi is our caboose, but there are only 10 years between her and Meagan, so they remember living under the same roof. However, it's strange to me now that Meagan has her own family, and Lexi is still at home. Seems weird, but we are so glad to have Lexi. She keeps us young... we are forced to keep up with pop culture b/c of her.

    Your sister is beautiful, and those pics are so sweet. You are blessed!

  2. I love that post! So sweet. Also, I gave you a bloggy award!! :) See my blog for details.


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