Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Yummy Find!

I've been watching a little blue house morph into a cute little business for quite some time now. I drive past it on my way to almost everywhere and it's located right next door to the dental practice where I work on Mondays. Today I finally made my way into the parking lot, which is, because of its smallness, also cute. I found JUST what I was looking for: a little boutique full of pretties AND a cupcake bakery. A cupcakery! Perfect place to find some little Valentine goodies for our 8th grade Sunday School class. I also bought myself a coco creme mini because I could NOT wait to sample did not disappoint! I should have bought two!

Business appeared to be booming, but I didn't mind browsing; the heavenly aroma of fresh-baked cupcakes and all the dainty, pretty little things were more than enough to keep me happy!

I wonder if a certain Paris-loving blogging friend will notice the little bag labeled "Paris Flea Market" hanging on the hutch below?

Isn't this the most inviting little shoppe? I love it! If shabby chic and all things vintage appeal to you, you'll love it, too.

Prepare to drool! Just sayin'!

From the tiny minis to the triple decker masterpieces (appropriately named The Tower of Love) to the strawberries covered in everything but the kitchen sink -- they all looked absolutely too beautiful to eat! Here's the little Valentine surprise I picked out for Johnny:

It's a chocolate cupcake infused with peanut butter and topped with Reese's Peanut Butter Cup chunks, among other things...yummmm. Shhhh! Don't tell! ;-)

If you are out and about, cruising down Salem Road, look for this new delight. You can even take a load off in the little indoor sidewalk cafe should you be unable to delay the instant gratification from your delectable treat! I enjoyed visiting with the cupcake chef and owner of Yummy Finds Antiques and Cupcakery. Julia is a nurse by profession but is really having fun with her new venture! Tell her you read about her on my blog. She was so sweet to let me share with you. Pay a virtual visit to her blog as well:

I can't wait to see how the cupcakes go over in Sunday School tomorrow. I got a variety of minis to share. It will be blessing to spend Valentine's Day in worship to the One who gave his very life for us. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. OOOOhHH Kelly had I known these deliciously looking things were sitting in a Sunday School class at Northside i so would have peeked my head in. haha They look soooo yummy.

  2. Kelly, Kelly, KELLY!!!

    Okay, so this blogpost made me sad.

    Sounds crazy, doesn't it???

    It's because it made me want to pop over to Victoria and you and I go in this shop, take in all the cool stuff, get some goodies, and go sit somewhere and catch up!!

    I did notice the Paris Flea Market burlap bag... to die for! Maybe we can met up in Paris one day??? Oh the dream....

    Miss you!

  3. Alvesa, I would have shared with you! And guess what I walk into work and voila, more cupcakes from Yummy Finds sitting on the break room table for Valentine's Day. I went straight for the coco creme mini. It was an appetizer for my lunch, hee hee!

    Teri! This blogpost was supposed to tinkle you pink, not make you sad! But I totally get you. I figure if we can't go shopping here together, the next best thing is to browse online and ooooh and ahhhh together across the miles! Meeting up in Paris would be sublime. Oooh la la! Never hurts to dream....miss you, too!

  4. I just went back and read some of the comments you made after my comments.

    No, I don't remember that girl. Maybe if I saw her in person or heard her voice.

    Loved all your comments... sorry I have missed them. I'm usually in a hurry when I'm reading blogs. I try to get to as many as possible, but I have my favs. I have a sidebar where it shows me when someone has posted a new post. That's how I keep up with you without constantly having to check.

    This last post is one of my favorites. Pictures make all the difference on a blog. They add so much!

    I'm going to highlight your blog again soon, and see if I can get you any new followers. I think I'll have a giveaway soon. So fun!

  5. Oh Kelly-it was a treat to meet you and your kind words about the shop were so sweet!! Yea!! You get the award for my first "follower" I have been checking constantly waiting for a thanks!!
    Yummy Finds


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