Sunday, January 24, 2010


Can you think of a better word to describe a large group of women descending on a little island town, determined to spend some time with friends and with God, recharging, relaxing, and refreshing? It's fitting, and it was precisely the theme of this particular winter women's retreat. Fearless through the seasons of our lives, through life's challenges, and even in fashion (!)...these were some of our topics of discussion and learning the past couple of days. Even our worship leaders added to the focus of the weekend with their name: Fearless Heart (formerly known as Crimson, for those of you familiar with our local talent). Between sessions, we managed to fit in a dessert progressive "dinner", some down time, and a lot of fun growing relationships with each other playing games, sharing meals, and laughing almost non-stop. We also discovered an eatery where the delicious bruschetta pizza was a hit, and a little boutique where Yellow Box bedazzled flip-flops were buy one pair, get the second for a penny! It's amazing how fast we shoppers did the math and doubled up to make the most of THAT deal. :-) I'm happy to be back home with Johnny, retreating from the retreat to get a good night's rest before heading back into the regularly scheduled program. It's good to get away -- sooo good -- and it's just as good to come back home!

Judith is in chocolate heaven!


Vanna, oops, I mean Alvesa, drawing even more attention to the wonder that is flowing chocolate.

Ta-da! Polished and ready to roll.

Can you match the feet with the faces? (I am looking mighty tired in this photo!)

Gotta love the icebreaker games!

Sharing my scarf with Kaylynn, and looking a little more bright-eyed this morning!

I have multiple photos I would LOVE to add to these, but I fear retaliation from the subject of said photos. There are some times in life when a little healthy fear is a good thing. ;-)


  1. Looks like such fun!! Love the sandals... love the chocolate... I can just hear the laughter.

    Glad you had fun. Being recharged always makes life GOOD.

    We serve an awesome God.

  2. Thanks, Teri, and yes, we do!

    Do you recognize the girl to my left under the sandals photo? That's Donna -- remember, she and her husband Baine lived in Arlington for about six months when they were expecting their first baby and Conner was also on the way? We girls gave her a Tate Springs baby may remember that. She no longer lives here but she goes with us on retreat every year. Our kids are still friends!


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