Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010: Ready or not!

Seems a little strange to remember that New Year's Eve a decade ago, we were all wondering if the world would go on as we knew it after the clock struck Y2K...TEN YEARS? Already?

We spent New Year's Eve with the same friends this year that we did ten years ago...and just about every other New Year's Eve in between that we've been here in town. Some traditions are just meant to be carried on! Gumbo at the Coles' house with lots of chatter and games being played, as usual, but this year we did do a little party-hopping, too, and wound up at the Smith's house to actually ring in the New Year. I was yawning by 11:00, thinking about our warm, cozy bed, but I did manage to keep awake for a New Year's kiss before we headed home.

For some reason I wasn't on top of my game and forgot all about taking photos that night...but I do have some pictures of a gathering at the same place with basically the same people a couple nights before New Year's Eve that I'll share here. Our oldest son, Garrett, and his lifelong friend Sam, along with their adorable wives, were able to spend some time together on this night before Sam and Ashley returned to their New York City life after Christmas break. The party was an opportunity for all of us to hang out with Sam and Ashley and the rest of the Cole family. It was poker night for the guys and movie night for the girls....with time for catching up figured into the equation.

Other New Year's highlights: Conner's girlfriend Valarie came to visit for a few days and we enjoyed learning how to play Gin Rummy from the two of them, playing "I Doubt It" (yes, it's the nicer name for that particular game!) and just getting to know her a little better. I fixed a big ol' traditional New Year's dinner of glazed ham, black eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, sauteed greens, and cornbread and we had my in-laws and my sister over to start the new year off right. It was yummy if I do say so myself -- although I am beginning to tire of the leftovers! It's all good though when I don't have to cook. ;-) Valarie had sent us some white crocus bulbs through the mail a few weeks before Christmas (isn't she sweet?!) and I was able to show her how they'd grown and started to bloom.

So, now, I'm wanting to go to bed early and wondering HOW on earth I'm going to go to sleep with all the hooting and hollering going on in the kitchen! Johnny is helping Conner and his friend David hone their Liar's Dice skills and they're obviously having a good time. My thoughts are bumping into each other and my eyes are tired, so I'll save the rest of my New Year's pontifications for another post. Happy New Year!


  1. That looks like a perfect southern/new years meal!

  2. Yes, Y2K was going to end the world... then when we were short regular flu shots a few years ago, George Bush was going to be responsible for thousands of elderly dying... and this year... the Swine flu was going to wipe us off the planet. I'm not minimizing the deaths, but is everything a CRISIS???? Global Warming, the stock market, etc.???

    Let's remember in 2010, to give every crisis a few weeks before we panic. And never forget that cable news must now fill the air 24/7 with things to get your attention. If I see the words "Fox News Alert" again, I'm going to scream!

    Ok...I'm finished now! LOL

    P.S. We played three new games this Christmas... Life on the Farm, Bananagrams, and Slam (a scrabble card game). Really fun.


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