Monday, January 11, 2010


Thought I'd post that we are finally thawing out down here in the usually-balmy, golden-crescent, gulf coastal plains! Layer upon layer of clothing, double socks, a warmed-up bed buddy around my neck...this is not my normal attire, especially in this particular phase of my life! This morning, on my way to work and running just a couple minutes behind schedule, I was bewildered to find that my windshield, back window, and all the side windows of my car were all iced over. I don't know why it surprised me, since this arctic cold snap has been freezing us out for days now. I think it's because I hadn't been out that early since it hit last Thursday. So frantically I warmed up the engine and turned on the defroster, while also enlisting some help from Johnny to pour some warm water over the glass. Worked like a charm and I was still able to seat my first patient right on time. During this unplanned episode, though, I lamented, once again, that we MUST get this garage free of the camper we no longer use, along with piles of other stuff that are basically cast-offs that haven't made it to Goodwill just yet. I have managed to tolerate climbing in a sauna/oven/car during the past couple of summers and lived to tell about it, but if this colder winter weather is a trend, then a space must be made for my little Camry, and pronto.

I have said a sad farewell to many of our tropical plants that obviously have not survived this time around. I suppose we should triple our yard budget for the spring if we want to avoid the bald flower bed look which we are sure to start out with.

So, according to the last weather report I heard, our area should be free of bone-chilling temperatures for a couple of weeks, until the next blast is scheduled to arrive. Hopefully our scorched nasal passages will be back to normal by then and ready for another heater-induced drying out.

In the meantime, I may get out of the house for something other than the bare necessities. I hear the department stores have begun selling their summer wares -- maybe I'll go look for a swimsuit. ;-)

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  1. We are FROZEN here in sunny Florida as well. Tons of people have had their heating system freeze up (our systems don't work too well when the temp goes below about 40*). We had to turn on the AIR CONDITIONER to thaw out the heating unit. Go figure.

    It was 24* here, and 57 year low! There went the strawberries and oranges!

    Our garage has stuff in it, but we are able to fit one car in, and thank goodness it's mine!

    Great post.


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