Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas highlights

Our Christmas shopping trip to the Galleria and the REI camping store was a great idea, if I do say so myself. Singing carols and playing silly car games, lots of trying on clothes and oohing and aahhhing over the Christmas sales and decorations, trying out sleeping bags and studying backpacking tents, eating a tasty dinner at the Outback, one last stop at a Super Target, then more goofiness in the car on the way home pretty much covers it. A win-win for everyone; much less wrapping for me and zero stress in figuring out what to give, each gift was a perfect fit, and we had a whole day of fun together (although Catherine and I acknowledge that the guys probably didn't enjoy the mall as much as we did)!

Waffle night at Memaw and Grandpa's house, complete with their new addition, an eight-week old Bichon Frise puppy named Gus, who was the much-cuddled center of attention.

"Doing Christmas" with the kids, and later having Christmas Eve gumbo with Leafy and Dwayne.

Christmas Eve candlelight service at church, celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

Christmas Day brunch at Memaw and Grandpa's house. The meal was heavenly, the company delightful, and the afternoon of Wii Fit championship games was downright hilarious. I am proud to say that although I stink at most of the games, I totally rocked the ski jump and hula hoop contests, beating out every single other family member there. :-)

Just some highlights of our family time together. We did a lot of the usual things in between all the Christmas festivities -- playing games, watching movies, just hanging out together. For some reason, we got a huge kick out of playing spoons around our kitchen table this go 'round. I have a sore shoulder to show for my valiant effort to not come up spoonless -- small price to pay for fun and laughter!

I hope your Christmas was blessed and that the memories of fun and family keep you warm all winter long! Now to enjoy the last few days of 2009 and be mindful of how God has brought us through to another year. Are you ready for 2010?


  1. Looks like a sweet, fun time of making Christmas memories.

    Can't wait to follow your blog in 2010.

    BTW, you look SO GOOD. It's just not fair! ;(


  2. Teri and Lindsay, so glad you two are my adoring public! hahaha!! Love you!!

    And Teri...ahem!!...have you looked in the mirror lately? YOU look SO GOOD, seriously! Thanks for the sweet compliment. :-)


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