Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kel in the Kitchen, Part 2

Can you stand one more? Last one for awhile, promise. I was baking for Christmas the same day I tried the RVMLWBG recipe (see previous post) and got a little crazy with the camera. My husband wasn't sure what to think when I was arranging my creations for a photo shoot! So here are my pies -- buttermilk and pecan -- and my ginger cookies. I got the buttermilk pie recipe from my sister-in-law, and the pecan pie recipe is my mom's Christmas legacy. The ginger cookies are a Christmas tradition in my household and my kids have come to expect them. (They are hidden at the present time, along with the spritz cookies I didn't photograph, so as to last until my married kids get here tomorrow evening!) I will spare you the recipes, as these aren't too hard to come by in most cookbooks.

I may not be blogging again until after Christmas. My computer is in the guest room where my kids will be camping out. May you enjoy a blessed Christmas and remember the Reason for the season!

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