Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silver Bells

We may be wrapping up the 25th anniversary of The Victoria Christmas Pageant, but tonight's no different from any other final performance night of pageant -- we are looking back, amazed, at what God has done with six weeks of rehearsals and a few hundred willing participants. Mixed feelings abound; we long for a relaxing night at home and some much-anticipated rest, yet it is bittersweet that our gift of love to our community has been unwrapped and thoroughly enjoyed. The anticipation and adrenaline rush of delighting our audience is at its close for another year, and while that in itself is fabulous fun, its not what brings us all back together year after year. Neither is it the bond we form as a church family. It's hearing story after story of the impact of the gospel message. It's seeing the light come on as people understand the baby in the manger is indeed the Savior on the cross, risen to give new life to those who will believe. It's experiencing answered prayers. So while we pack up the stage, the sets, the props, and the costumes, the heartbeat of pageant will continue pulsing, carrying us through to other ministries and a new year in which to share the Gift. Merry Christmas, Victoria!

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